Joining the Lab

The Waselkov Lab is currently accepting undergraduate and master’s-level graduate student researchers for the Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 semesters. Students in the lab can ask a variety of evolutionary and ecological questions within the broader systems listed on the Research page. They learn techniques ranging from molecular laboratory basics such as PCR, DNA and RNA extraction, and quantitative PCR, to interpretation of Sanger sequence and microsatellite data, to more complicated bioinformatics analysis of next-generation sequencing data such as GBS (genotyping-by-sequencing). No matter which system the student is involved in, they gain experience in experimental design to start their project, and statistical and/or population genetic and phylogenetic analysis of their results at the project’s conclusion. Research in progress is often presented at local, regional, or national scientific meetings, such as CCRS, CSUPERB, the Northern California Botanists symposium, the California Weed Science Society annual conference, and the Botany and Evolution annual conferences. Students are included as authors on peer-reviewed scientific publications, and are expected to contribute to writing these articles.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

Prospective Graduate Researchers

To apply to work in lab, send your CV or resume, your unofficial transcripts, and a statement about why you are interested in my lab’s research to my email (see Contact page). Prospective master’s students should also apply to either the CSU, Fresno Biology M.S. program or the Biotechnology M.S. program.