Research in our lab focuses on the genetic basis of adaptation, population genetics, and phylogenetic systematics of plant groups at the tips of the tree of life (genera and species).

Currently, there are several major projects in lab:

  1. A comprehensive investigation of the evolution of glyphosate (RoundUp®) resistance in a Central Valley agricultural weed, hairy fleabane (Erigeron bonariensis)
  2. Population genomics of invasion and herbicide resistance evolution in the problematic agricultural weed Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri), and an investigation of the recent California invasion of its congener waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)
  3. Digitization of specimens from the Fresno State Herbarium as part of a large collaborative NSF grant, to study phenological changes in the California flora over time

Several students are also investigating population genetics and/or phylogenetics of native California plants, such as Phlox speciosa, Fritillaria pinetorum, and the genus Helianthella.